“The Big 5” and Reading

Reading and “The Big 5” Workshop: Decoding the Science of Reading


Unlock the secrets of literacy with our exclusive “Reading and ‘The Big 5′” workshop! Delve into the science of reading and discover how the Kent School District reading curriculum is changing. Join us for an insightful discussion on our organization’s cutting-edge fluency data collection, informing tailored teaching approaches. We will empower parents with resources to create supportive home learning environments through effective routines and habits.


  1. Demystifying “The Big 5”:
    • Explore the science behind reading as we dissect “The Big 5” components crucial for literacy development. From phonemic awareness to fluency, understand how these elements form the foundation of reading instruction in the Kent School District curriculum.
  2. Fluency Data: A Window into Learning:
    • Uncover the power of fluency data collection in shaping our teaching strategies. Learn how our organization utilizes real-time insights to tailor instruction, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach to each student’s unique learning needs.
  3. Empowering Parents for Home Learning Success:
    • Acquire a resource toolkit to support your child’s learning journey at home. From establishing effective reading routines to cultivating habits that foster a love of reading, this workshop provides parents with practical strategies to integrate literacy support into daily life seamlessly.


Reading and ‘The Big 5′” is crafted for educators, administrators, and parents within the Kent School District community. Parents will benefit from understanding how to reinforce these strategies at home, ensuring a cohesive and supportive learning experience for students.


Feb 28 2024


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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CRB Kent Office
655 W Smith ST Kent, WA 98032


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