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EmpowerED Learning Workshop: Unveiling the Homework Help Hub


Embark on a journey of educational empowerment with our workshop: “EmpowerED Learning: Unveiling the Homework Help Hub.” Join us for an enlightening session where local librarians guide parents on navigating their child’s homework efficiently, utilizing the wealth of resources the public library offers.


  1. Homework Unleashed: Strategies for Success:
    • Uncover proven strategies for assisting your child with homework. From effective time management to understanding complex assignments, this workshop equips parents with the tools to create a supportive homework environment at home.
  2. Public Library Power: Unlocking Educational Resources:
    • Dive into the treasure trove of resources available at your local public library. Our expert librarians will showcase tools to complement your child’s learning journey. You can learn how to access these resources to help your child’s academic success.
  3. Navigating Online Learning Landscapes:
    • Discover how to navigate online learning platforms confidently in an age of digital education. The workshop provides insights into utilizing digital tools effectively, ensuring parents are well-equipped to support their child’s educational needs in a technology-driven world.


“EmpowerED Learning” is tailored for parents and caregivers seeking to support their child’s academic journey actively. Whether you’re looking for strategies to assist with homework or want to explore resources available at the public library, this workshop is designed to empower parents with the tools needed to be influential educational allies.


Mar 27 2024


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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CRB Kent Office
655 W Smith ST Kent, WA 98032


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